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Keyholding and Alarm Response Services:-

  • A professional response service to all your intruder & fire alarm activations.
  • All staff uniformed and security screened in accordance with BS7858.
  • We co-ordinate with emergency services if required.
  • Clear signage on your property.
  • Response units with fully trained guard dogs for the protection of our officers.
  • We will always secure the site before leaving.
  • We work in accordance with industry key holding standard BS7984.
  • Manned guarding can be provided in the event a property cannot be secured after a serious incident.
  • Reports of all actions taken supplied to clients.

Questions Employers & Property owners should ask themselves:-

  • Are you exercising your duty of care to your employees/keyholders?
  • Have you enough knowledge of your security system to train a keyholder?
  • Do I need the hassle of alarm activations?
  • Have you got time to keep your keyholder contact details up to date with the monitoring station?

Questions all Keyholders should ask themselves:

  • Are you able to respond 24/7?
  • If you are out, have you got the keys, have you been drinking, if so how will you get to site, and should you be attending?
  • Have you been trained to deal with what you might find?
  • What will you do if there if there is an intruder onsite?
  • Will you remember to keep your contact details up to date with the monitoring station?
  • What happens when you go on holiday?
  • How will this impact your family friends and social life
  • How will being stuck on a site all night affect your job the next day?
  • Have you considered the ACPO guidelines which say Keyholders shall be trained to operate the alarm, be contactable by telephone, have adequate means of transport to attend the premises at all hours, shall have access to all relevant parts of the premises and shall be able to attend within 20 minutes of being notified? Failure of keyholders to attend when requested on three occasions in a rolling twelve month period, will result in the withdrawal of police response for a three month period.

Why should I employ K9 Security (Guarding) Ltd:-

  • Only 10% of alarm activations are caused by criminal activity so according to ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) Regulations, statistics show that the remaining 90% of alarm activations in the UK are false.
  • Insurance companies may not pay if you have had false alarm activations.
  • Health and safety duty of care to staff.
  • Every 37 seconds a home or business somewhere in the UK is burgled
    (Home Office Police Statistics).
  • More than 2 false alarm call outs in 12 month period will downgrade the polices response to your business.
  • Reputable professional local company with local knowledge.
  • We pride ourselves in the fact we know we can deliver the service our clients expect.
  • Response time within 20 minutes.

If you would like to find out more about our Key Holding Services please contact us.